NEW CONTEST - A Window Of Opportunity

Posted by Toby Morrison — 1 Feb 2013

This is YOUR Window of Opportunity!

We would be willing to bet you never realized how much of a window-photo-taking-fanatic you are.  So we triple dog dare you to peruse your photo library and we think you will be amazed at how many window shots you have taken over the years. 

Windows of Color by Ritu Saini

Then, visit our photography contest page to submit your best photo(s) featuring a window.  The entry fee for this contest is set at $2.00 per photo.  The prize for the winner, chosen by the community votes, will be a minimum of $100.  But remember, the prize for the best window shot will increase as the number of entries grows!!

We look forward to all your wonderful window submissions!

VOTING NOW OPEN - Holiday Cheer!

It brings us cheer to announce the Holiday Cheer Photo Challenge is now open for voting.  We hope we've given you enough time to get your 2012 holiday photos in order and submit to this great theme.  There were some amazing photos entered showcasing the holiday spirit! 

Below are a few of our favorites but it is up to YOU to vote for the winning photo.  The winner of this contest will receive $55 in cash! 

Santa Kaylee by Kristi McMurry

A Cheerful Kiss by Daniel LaBelle

Crystal Ball Tree by Debbie Hartley

Peace Bird by Susan B. Griffith

Thanks again to everyone who submitted to the contest!  Remember to share your photos with friends, family members, and fellow co-workers across your favorite social networks and ask them to vote for YOUR photo. 

Tag your photos
If you tag your photo on Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, or Google+, tag with #jpgholidaycheer and linking back to the original blog or contest page will help your followers understand what you're up to and maybe they'll want to VOTE for their favorite photo too!
Tag on Twitter with #jpgholidaycheer and don't forget to mention @jpgmag

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