Photo Challenge: Breaking (The Art of Hip Hop Dance)

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 25 Feb 2013

Taking it outside and capturing the best street dancing, which has long been an expression of movement that has come from hip-hop music.

Warehouse Breaker by Alan

Breakdance by Prentice Danner

Breaking by Mojca Savicki

Float Master by Pat Merino

Break dancing by Raje Esteban

Blizzard breakdance party by Felicia

New Orleans best!! by Shirley Valencia

Break Dance by Ivan Muniz

Dancing from the heart by Ioana Caravan

La, La, La, La, La Rambla by Tim Beaule

London street's artists by Simona Ranieri

Street dance by Simo Järvinen

4ever Hip Hop by nema' etebar

BreakD by Urbano Desprini

oh mum... by Antonello Incagnone

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