Photo Challenge: Urban Exploration

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 11 Feb 2013

"Urban Exploration" or otherwise known as "Urbex" is when you explore man made structures. These structures sometimes can be abandoned and often gated off to onlookers. However, "Urban Exploration" does not have to get you arrested, it is just about finding different angles or parts to these man made structures that are not commonly seen.

operation AJAX by Harry Swank

Untitled by Tim Rinka

Intercontinental Hotel - Ponce, Puerto Rico by Luis Torres

Lakeside Elementary by Jeff Brownell

Tunnel Vision by John Dorosiewicz

Untitled by nema' etebar

Twinkle Twinkle by Laurie Search

Miss Peregrine's Abandoned College for Girls by Fractured Porcelain

Can't stop by Cyril Verliefde

Bad Hair Day by andrew paranavitana

Gold Medal by Donald Garrett


Safety First by Michael Holden

muffin milk by Julia Yusupov

The Lonely Chair by Bethany Helzer

Untitled by George Campos Jr.

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