"HANAMI" Cherry Blossom Viewing

Posted by Cathaleen Curtiss — 1 Mar 2013

Spring is on the horizon and with spring my thoughts turn to Cherry Blossoms. Time to celebrate "Hanami" the centuries-old practice of picnicking under a blooming Cherry tree or create your own tradition of photographing the "sakura" blossoms.

You still have time to plan a visit to one of the many places in the world that celebrates the Cherry Blossom season with festivals, parades and garden walks.
From Vancouver to Washington DC, Hanami is all about timing. Cherry trees usually bloom for only one to two weeks. Peak season for cherry blossoms is very dependent on the weather. Most festivals start in mid March. Blossoms can start as early as mid February in some places.

From the very first twinge of color on thin twigs until blizzards of pink petals blanket the ground it is a magical time for photographers.

Whether you view them in Copenhagen or Macon, Tokyo or Brooklyn you won't regret the opportunity to celebrate Hunami.

We have compiled some of our favorite cherry blossom photos from JPG contributors.
Spring Blossoms by Heather Palleiko

Cherry Blossom by Xiaoyi Peng

cherry blossom by elisa reece

Blossom Season by Eric Brown

Cherry Blossoms by Elysa Darling

Cherry Blossom by Kenneth Kotowski

CHERRY BLOSSOMS by debbie del tejo

Turquoise Umbrella by Kevin Moore

Fairmount Park Philadelphia | Row of Cherry Blossom | Philadelphia Cherry Blossom Festival Japan by Justin Bradley

Cherry Trees by Stephanie Nelson

Be sure to bring your camera and don't forget to share your photos with all of us. We can't wait to see them!

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