Posted by Toby Morrison — 6 Mar 2013

JPG Photo Contest Line Up!  Now taking your votes!!

A few calendar squares ago we asked you to make use of the lines around you.  All photographers know that the positioning and use of lines and curves can drastically change the outcome of a shot.  An effective photographer has the ability to draw us in by leading our eyes down the natural lines of a photo.  Many lines together can create patterns that intrigue a viewer.  Lines might even lead your imagination astray, making you wonder what's beyond the camera's viewfinder.  Lines might even set the mood of a photo

This contest will feature a single winner who will receive $185.  Start voting today!  Below are a few random selections from the Line Up photo contest for your viewing pleasure.

Jogger in the Fog by Leslie Granda-Hill

" Towering Energy Plant " by Michael Asaro

2007 - Ski Fence by Leslie Eagle

Cincinatti Cyclist by larry funk

Networking in blue by Donna Mullins

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Tagging your photos:  If you tag your photo on Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, or Google+, tag with #jpglineup.  Linking back to the original blog or contest page will help your followers understand what you're up to and maybe they'll want to VOTE for their favorite photo too!
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