Photo Challenge: Musical Instruments

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 11 Mar 2013

For this challenge it was all about the beauty of a musical instrument. JPGer's got up close and personal, capturing each curve, string, and key of their favorite musical instrument. 

Gibson by Antonio Romero

Single Reed by KassiJo Wyatt

I got the blues by Isa Cunha

Fluid by Haley Birt

My Tuba by Robert Pavone

Pianissimo 2 by David Totó Leautaud

the piano has been drinking... by René Damen

Æ� by Jt Loh 

Smiley Note by Mohammed Al-Furaih

Cadenza by Robert Meyer

Sax by Dee Langevin

 Cello by Pierre Vignau

B flat Blues by Jeff Johannsen

Cutaway... by Tom Bower

Coil by Jesse McClear

Just An Old Sweet Song Leaves Georgia On My Mind by Sarah Springer

Curves by JS Daniel

Beautiful curve of guitar by mark lee

Feel the Beat by Thomas Prezkop

OLD STORYTELLER by Elias Reveles

Trumpet by Rebecca Raber

Closed March 11, 2013

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