Posted by Shayla Simmons — 20 Mar 2013

The iconic pin-up first appeared in the beginning of the 20th century and is a far cry from the pin-up of today.  Women's portrayal of sexuality in the distant past followed the decree of less is more...there were rules to being a lady.  Even in those days, art found a way to break - or at least bend - these rules.  In the early 20th century images that were viewed as too edgy or otherwise not accepted in public began to spread in the burlesque circuit. 

Along came the roaring twenties and mayhem ensued, as the image of the pin-up bombshell became very popular on many pulp fiction novels and other media.  But, it wasn't until a bit later that the iconic sex symbol that is still be a classic favorite today emerged from the WWII era.  Many were girls from film, buxom and curvy, girls the men could escape to while away at war.  The images below represent the JPG spin on the iconic pinup bombshell, or at least the spin shot by our amazing contributors.

Martha_002 by Ian Pettigrew

Hello, operator? by Anna Lucylle Taschini

Pin-up for SA Hotrod Magazine by Thomas Dorman

Seanna by Hannah Combs

Sailor Pin Up by Ama Lea Reeves

What Could it Mean? by Ashley Miles

Ups!!! by Michel Flores

50's Paradise Pin-Up by Cheyne Gallarde

dixion by Tim Engle

Lacy Soto by Mila Reynaud

Pinup by Robin Douglas

Although, still in transformation, the pinup sex symbol has many looks.  We invite you to take your inspiration from these shots and re-create the classic beauty from the 1940-1950's era.  Upload your images to the site and share your links below.  There are so many more beautiful images out there among the contributions to JPG and we would love to see your collection of pinup favorites from the site, so please, build a bombshell collection and post the link below in the comment area!

HOT STUFF, indeed!

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