NEW Photo Contest! Popular Culture

Posted by Toby Morrison — 27 Mar 2013

If you're a fan of popular culture then you're going to love this new photo challenge!!

We've recently been perusing the inter-web and noticed an interesting trend of pop culture photos on just about every site we visited.  So... we decided we wanted you - the photographer - to focus your attention on images of pop culture and submit them for a chance to WIN $500.  And remember the more photos the higher earnings can potentially go! 

Submit your images of common interests and activities reflecting mainstream society.

iphone 3G S by Dustin P

I know... it's almost cliche, but there is just about nothing more pop culture right now than the iPhone.  If you check your Facebook profile you've probably noticed a barrage of new self portrait uploads from many of your multi-hundred friends and contacts.  

Beard Self Portrait by Caleb French

Grab your camera and show us what all the rage is... in sports, movies, technology, and of course photography! 

Then, visit our photography contest page to submit your best photo(s) featuring a Pop Culture.  The entry fee for this contest is set at $5.00 per photo.  The winning photo will be chosen by the highest number of community votes.  Prize for this challenge starts at a minimum of $500.   

We look forward to all your awesome Pop Culture submissions! ~ Happy Shooting!

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