Sleepless Burden

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 7 Mar 2013

Blood shot eyes, tired limbs, erratic behavior; mostly sums it up for an insomniac.  Is it the constant connection with cold technology that keeps us a distant friend to our dreams, or is it the demanding schedules and our work lives that leave us aching for bed - yet wide awake with disdain.  CNN reported in 2011 that insomnia cost the U.S. $63 billion in lost productivity annually.  No one should have to live with the inability to fall asleep, or wake up feeling tired.

Some amazing JPG contributors share with us their struggles...

Anxiety.x2 by Jasmine Smith


hello insomnia. by Chelsea Seekell

Tired of being tired by Latrenia Bryant

Exhausted by Kutay Akyurek

Insomnia by Leriam Gonzalez

Tired by patrizia burra

Exhausted (53.365) by Mike Olbinski

sleepy by Kristyna Vyslouzilova

Exhausted by Megan Horsburgh

Exhausted face by Richard Vantielcke

Insomnia by wednesdayEgo

Are you caught in the grips of insomnia? Do you know someone who is?  If you would like to shed light on this silent struggle, please upload your images to the site and share the links in the comment area below.  There are so many more JPG images that showcase insomnia.  Browse through, put a collection together, and post a link to the collection in the comment area to share with us all!

Lying awake... waiting to see what you share!

Insomnia is certainly nothing to YAWN about!

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