Drink it In

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 12 Mar 2013

There are many fantastic things to photograph in this world, one of which is liquid; especially the beverage.  Mix-ologists would agree that making a drink is the fun behind the bar.  To a photographer, especially the commercial type, the beverage as a subject is fraught with challenge.  It is very important for a commercial photographer to capture the simple libation with perfect clarity and enticement, often alongside images of food.  Drinks are a high selling point for many dining and entertainment establishments and yearn to stand out. 

Our JPG photogs tease a selection illustrating the perfection of splashing, bubbling, colored liquid; being poured, sloshed, and chilled over rocks with a twist of lemon.


Bubbly by charu ram

Playing with Gravity by Leonard Scott

splash by Bethany Derden

green is the new red by Silviu Bondari

fresh n blue by Stratos Petrakogiannis

Refreshing Drink by Paul Farley

Splash by James Hanna

Blue Martini? by Matt Bristow

free drink by noor eva

Fresh by Faisal Ansari

Strawberry Martini by Tim Filler

These are just a sample of the great beverage images that are available throughout the JPG site.  I invite you to find some more and create a collection of your favorites and post the link below.... Or, even more enticing....go out and capture some of your own new images of tasty beverages, submit them to the site and post a link to them in the comment area below. 

Quench our thirst!

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