Slow and Steady

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 17 Apr 2013

In this gigantic world we live in, it is very easy to forget about the tiny.  These small and minute may seem insignificant, but even the small have a story all their own.

Take, for example, the Snail.  There are many types of snails... including simple slugs, just sliding around spreading goo in their wake.  Snails are usually known for being pests, eating crops, feeding on the stems, roots and leaves.  They are also quite tasty as a snack, with a little garlic and butter sauteed to perfection and eaten on a cracker, also known as escargot. 

Whether misunderstood for their slowness, perceived as laziness, the JPG community has captured the snail in fascinating detail.  The snails below show shadow, light, slime, bumps and, above all, personality.

Untitled by filippo

Slow and Steady by Michele Ivy Davis

Bottom up by Jean-Philippe Derout

snail by valentin jieanu

head of a snail by Bart van Oijen 

Snail by Christian Pannier

snail by Carlos de Resende

Snail by Linda Banning

Snail ... by marc ling

Snail by Mark Andrews

Snail close up by Jody B


snail tales by Costas

Untitled by Liina Novy

Snails Pace by erik witsoe

Pat by Ashley King

Crossing Paths by Anca

There were sooo many fantastic images throughout JPG that it seemed too hard to pick out all the best photos.  So please gather an infestation of snails and start a collection and post the link below. 

If you want a real treat, since these small creatures don't move too fast, get out and explore new angles capturing the slimy guys and upload to the site and post that link to the section below.

Don't be too slow.....We want to see what you come up with!!!

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