Imprint of a Memory

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 8 May 2013

Like a ghost revisiting the past; a double image in a photograph can evoke haunting emotions.  Playing with long exposure times or over laying images can be a fun way to bring forth more meaning to your subject matter in a photograph.

In the days of film, double exposure could be achieved by sandwiching two or more negatives together and this technique may have had the photographer fiddling awhile to get the best angle.  In the digital age software comes into play to achieve the double exposure look.  In both film and digital long exposure can also achieve a similar result.


Silhouette by Hattie Ellis

Made of flame by Dmitri Poslavski

idk by Kaila Grimes

Untitled by Besa Maliqi

Untitled by Annie Winge

Blackout on Park Ave by Dave Christiansen

empire by katie mcfaul

Untitled by scott nay

. by riverS

These JPG images are thought provoking and give the viewer a chance to unravel the mystery in the meaning of the photograph.  If you have any photos that are a great example of double image, upload, link and post in the comment area below.  If you stumble upon some more JPG images, start a collection and share that link with us as well...

Happy Haunting!

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