Recurring Theme: Fanatic

Posted by Toby Morrison — 9 May 2013

What's your obsession?  Back in 2008 we closed this theme out and featured some FAN-tastic shots of some the craziest collections, wildest hobbies, and the world's most enthusiastic individuals.  In late 2012 we reopened this theme with the hopes of finding even more crazy fanatic shots from around the globe.  We figured five years was long enough to keep you waiting for more!

" Volkswagon Fanatic "AsaroC2012 by Michael Asaro

The Protester by Richard Gough

"This is the serial protester Neil Horan doing an Irish jig with his banner at London's 2013 May Day parade.

Neil Horan, sometimes referred to as The Grand Prix Priest or The Dancing Priest is a laicized Irish Roman Catholic priest who is noted for his interference with the running of the 2003 British Grand Prix and the 2004 Summer Olympics men's marathon in order to promote his religious belief that the end of the world is near.

In the last year I have seen and photographed him at the London Olympics, Margaret Thatchers funeral and this time at the May day parade each time dressed the same and doing a jig to a portable music system he takes with him everywhere."

Speared by Lex Newman

"There were no words, and no movements but the tearing of teeth and claws."
Lord Of the Flies-themed shoot

William Paterson Biggest Cardinals Fan 2 by Charles Rushton

Cheer II by Kutay Akyurek

"Celebration before Galatasaray's league match, Istanbul."

Days Like These... by Mike Melnotte

"He's a fan of non-stop playing.

Can I jump in the leaves, Daddy?
I know that with age those requests will be coming to an end soon... sigh.

You've Been 86'd by Scott Fisher

"The Toyota AE86 is what the newly presented Scion FR-S was designed off of. Everything down to the Chasis! Here in vegas I'm part of the Vegas86Club, and this is all our members proudly waiting for that everlasting red light to go green so we can start our cruise for the day! I pulled up my e-brake and sat Indian style in the middle of the street with oncoming traffic to grab these guys in their unnatural (hard-parked) spots."

Cosplay in red by Richard Seah

The walls have horns by Cristina Pascu

The Goddess of Fire by Christopher Boswell

"Meet Janna! Here she is posing with my third two wheeler to symbolize the God of Fire. She is a fanatic with modeling in body paint.

Now, if she was just standing there nude with no paint, you would see the fear and discomfort in her eyes. When asked how being painted is different she responds, "it's like have clothes on, I can feel the paint between my body and the air"

lift off by Petrus van Zyl

"Inflatable boat race"

Glass Blower by Ann Reece

"She is a perfectionist in her craft, she loves what she is doing and it shows. She is a showman as she makes glass for the audience. I have bought some of her blown glass and I treasure it. I think that this photo fits the image of a fanatic, in a flattering way. This was taken at the Renaissance Festival near Magnolia, Texas."

Anthem by Jesse McClear

"Star Wars Night at the Traverse City (Michigan) Beach Bums."

His right to bear arms by John Flora

"Fred Ropkey amid his tank and armored vehicle collection at the Ropkey Armor Museum. Fred owns more armored vehicles than do some small countries.
The museum is east of Crawfordsville, Ind.

Philly Phantic by Elizabeth Bermingham

"Philly fans are some of the most intense sports fans around....even the young ones."

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