Bedtime Stories

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 19 Jun 2013

There are many rooms in a house, but one in particular that we treasure above the rest; the bedroom.  For many it is a place of relaxation, or a place to catch up on recorded shows that have been missed during a busy week. 

While it may serve as a place to relax and unwind, taking a look under the covers can illustrate a very intimate and sensual story.  Boudoir Photography is gaining in popularity and can be captured in many ways.  For this Boudoir blog the selected JPG images show a very tasteful, yet sexy, side of the bedroom. 

Hope you linger a bit longer in this intimate space...

Boudoir by Talitha Tarro

Boudoir by Cyndal Lorch

boudoir by paulo rodrigues

Legs by Melissa Glynn

*** by Ania Cywi�ska

Whisper by Jade Turnbull

room 611 by mukti echwantono

morning light by Jillian Xenia

Take a moment before you slip off to sleep or rise in the morning to capture your take on Tasteful Boudoir Photography or take a moment to browse the selection of photos throughout JPG.  Upload your own or create a collection and post the links below in the comment area.

Turn down the bed and awaken us with your shots!

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