Best Of Photo Contest ~ NOW VOTING!

Posted by Toby Morrison — 27 Jun 2013

Now open for voting! 

This contest has drawn in photographers from around the world showcasing their best work.  No doubt some of the best photos ever posted to JPG have been submitted to the 'Best Of' photo contest.  Submissions range from amazing animal captures and creepy creatures to some of the most grueling photographs of weather on earth.  There is no shortage of fantastic landscapes from around the world, along with some of the most photogenic captures straight from the back yard! 

This contest has grown to over $7,500 in total cash winnings to be shared between 5 winners!  Vote Now!

1st: $3795.00,

2nd: $1515.00,

3rd: $1135.00,

4th: $755.00,

5th: $375.00

Below we've highlighted a few photo submissions at random to highlight the contest. 

~Happy Voting!

Winter Around the Corner by Lars van de Goor

If the content is still the same words lost their meaning.
by Mark Schneiders

Maria la Marpissa by Olivier Roland

Trigger Pull by David Yost

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Tagging your photos:  If you tag your photo on Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, or Google+, tag with #jpgbestof.  Linking back to this post or the original contest page will help your followers understand what you're up to and maybe they'll want to VOTE for their favorite photo too!

Tag on Twitter with #jpgbestofand don't forget to mention @jpgmag

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