Nectar of life

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 26 Jun 2013

What insect's wings beat over 11,000 cycles per minute that also flies about 15 miles per hour? 

A Bee!   Being a bee is a buzzzy occupation.  Buzzing from one flower to the next, pollinating and gathering nectar, which will be regurgitated into honey.  Although, there are many types of bees, the honey bee has been buzzing around the word for around 30 million years and are vital to all life on earth. 

Alarmingly, there has been a decline in the population of bees.  There are many factors in the decline including the harvesting of GMO crops.  The bees need our support... So get out and show your love for your local bee farms and enjoy the sweet nectar of life!

While you're at it, check out these inspiring images of our buzzzy little friends.

Love Bees! by Gail Parker

Untitled by Barbara Thurlow

Insecte by Mylène Auff

Buzz Buzz by natasha tricks

pink bee by Olivier LANNES

The Pollinator Is Back by Andrew Dutton

BEEAUTIFUL by Amy Yokomizo

 * by Alex Okhotin

Buzz, Buzz Buzz.  Before you swat, or run screaming for a pond to dunk yourself into for safety, grab your camera and get up close and nab the honey bee in its natural habitat.  Upload, cut and paste a link in the comment area for all to enjoy!  If you're feeling extra sweet, show some love to your fellow JPG'rs and start a collection of your favorite shots from the site and post that link in the comment box below.

Get out and find what all the buzz is about!!!

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