Best Foot Forward

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 16 Jul 2013

Despite being the object of perhaps the best-known fetish, one of the most neglected parts of the body is the foot. Sure your feet are sweet and precious when you're a baby, but as you grow, without a lot of TLC and through considerable use and abuse, they become far less adorable.

This oft under-appreciated albeit well worn appendage has 26 bones, more than 100 muscles, 33 joints and many ligaments, so there are ample opportunities to abuse this delicate extremity.  There are over 21 ailments that can afflict a foot... from gout and athlete's foot to plantar fasciitis and fractures, just to name few.  Cramming your feet into shoes a size too small, stubbing your toe into a stationary object(which is one of the most painful and frustrating things to do to yourself), and walking barefoot across hazards of all kinds... all wreak havoc on your poor feet. 

So why don't you kick back and enjoy these JPG foot shots, there is nothing stinky here!

Been Told I Have Attractive Feet by Marlena McClain

The foot by Leon Tang

Foot Fetish by Walter Ryan

Foot in the Sandbox by Mike Munhall

Dancin by Nestor Correa

Hard Soil by Daniel Forero

Tiptoe Higher by KassiJo Wyatt

Toes by Stephanie Smith

Toe up by Niki B.

tiny toes by Jackie Renner

toes by Megan Dittmer

While you're kicked back enjoying these JPG feet, it may be the opportune time to take a couple of snapshots of your own two feet.  Please upload these images to the site and post the link below in the comment area.  Or if you have a fetish for foot photography, check out the rest of the JPG site and create a collection of your favorites to post a link and share in the comment box!

Now go grab a pedicure for your neglected aching feet!

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