Goin' Frog Hunting

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 10 Jul 2013

Summer is one of the best times of the year.   Going to the ocean is fantastic, but, if you're land-locked, you may need to find other water resources -- like a water park or a river.  However, If you're lucky, you may have a pond nearby... a kind of local hot-spot that is at once a mecca for fishing, swimming and frog catching!  There is nothing like watching kids try to catch frogs.  Muddy hands waving and screams of surprise as the frogs they just caught leap from their hands and jump at their feet!

Lilly Pond by Jason

common green frog by Bart van Oijen

Untitled by JOE FAILK 

"Happiness only real when shared" by Saroj Swain

Frog Watching by Miguel Angel Correa Sotelo

Lotus by Aliona Sorocov

Lily, Oh Lily...Do You Hear the Bullfrog Cry? by Kelly Nichols

Yep. by melissa me! 

Frog in a Pond by Scott Toomey

If you have a lazy summer day to loaf and lurk, seek out the local pond and take in the sights of the gorgeous lily pads, but don't jump if you see a frog pounce... disappearing into the cool waters.  Take a moment to seize the opportunity with your lens and take a picture of pond inhabitants, especially the frog.  Upload your images and paste a link to them below in the comment area.  As you know, this is only a small selection of frogs, lily pads and ponds on JPG, so please go hunting through the site for more.  Then create a collection and paste the link below.  That's not all ~ submit your favorite frog, photo here!

What are you waiting for? Hop to it!

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