Rainbow Connection

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 3 Jul 2013

In the world of photography there are black and white images and color images, each giving the subject matter a voice.  While black and white images may loom with more serious or thought provoking implications; an image in color may (at times) incite bright, happy, vibrant tones.  In these bright JPG images, the arrangement of color may have purpose, or, could be a happy coincidence... but all in all, it hits the spot, with great color and balance!

Indian Painting Pigments by Jor-El Zajatz

mary poppins by marc melander

Colors of Carnival by Khaleeq Alfred

Clear water, Krabi by Aloha Lavina

The Eye by Chandra Sugiharto

Untitled by Karri Denise

Color by Bret Scovill

ALL EYEZ ON ME by Imran Ahmad B Rayat Ahmad

Holi05 by Jenna Mulvey

Colors by Hero Al-Eisa

Baby laundry by Alik Mos

COLORFUL by Tanja Whisenant

There's no greater time than summer to soak up some color.  Get out and embrace the colors of life, or create a shot in the studio and upload your images to JPG, then drop a link below in the comment area.  If you have experienced amazing colors throughout the JPG site, create a collection and post the link!  Create and submit your own colorized photo here!

Soak Up the Rainbow!!!

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