Two NEW JPG Photo Contests Now Open For Entries!

Posted by Toby Morrison — 8 Jul 2013

shoot out!

We're proud to announce not one, but TWO new JPG Photo Contests are now open for entries!!

Dont Move... by Jennifer Lynn

Get your Hands On $500 for a 1st place in the JPG Hands On photo contest by posting your best photo that features a hand as the main subject of the photo.

"Hands could be considered the basic tools of life with ability to allow us to type, text, write, draw, and grasp objects of various sizes. Our hands also offer us the ability to form new language such as sign language and the ability to read braille. Imagine if you lost the ability to use your hands."

Second and 3rd place prized photos will take the rest of the pot with a 50/50 split, currently at $250 each.  The entry fee for this contest is $5.

Beach BBQ by Lanis Rossi

If that's not enough for you, then enter your best backyard BBQ photo into the Grilling/gril-lin photo contest!  Entry fee is $2 - best 2 photos in this challenge will split the pot 50/50.  The contest has started out with a minimum $100 prize to each of the selected winners.  Remember - the more photos entered the higher the winnings will get!

WHOAAH, What's that?  You have no BBQ photos in your library of awesomeness to submit.  No Problem!  Now you have the perfect excuse to invite some friends and neighbors over and throw some burgers and dogs on the grill and take some killer photos!

If you still can't get great shots to enter in either contest, remember, you can peruse the amazing shots submitted by other JPG contributors. There are nearly 2.4 million of them!  Once you find one (or more) perfect shots, you can enter those shots to win!  You'll get to share in the prize, just for having great photo selection skills!  So get going and get yourself a bit of spare cash for a cool new accessory!

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Popular CultureWinner: $500.00 and still growing

A Window of OpportunityWinner: $345.00 and still growing

More contests opening soon!!


Smoke and Mirrors:  Winner: $190.00

United We Stand:  Winner: $155.00

Best Of:  Over $7,500 in total prizes


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