Farmers Magic Crop

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 20 Aug 2013

During the summer, visiting your local farmer's market or community co-op is a great way to enjoy your town's spirit but also a great time to find exceptional fresh produce.  Did you also know it's a great time to capture amazingly vibrant colors, smiling faces, cherubic children and natural good cheer?

Vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber; which are an A+ staple for your body.  But besides tasting incredible and being nutritious, these veggies are particularly fun to photograph!   If a vegetable can be 'famous', perhaps one of the most such well known is a green pepper photographed by Edward Weston. The green pepper #30 in black and white shows that even vegetables can be sleek and curvaceous.

We have our own virtual veggie smorgasbord right here on JPG! Browsing through this digital farmer's market, one can find exquisite inspiration and sublime virtual nutrition!

from the garden by Nicole E.

Asparagus in the Spring by Mara Serdans

Homemade Beans by Leah Garton

Bunch of Radishes 2010 by Leslie Hanes

garlic strobist by Silviu Bondari

Corn II by Micah Beree

Artichoke by Jason Lounds

Carrots by Ryan Notch

Fresh Stir Fry by AJ Lee

With vibrant color and rich textures, fresh fruits and veggies are a photographer's dream!

Support your local food co-op or farmer's market and get your body some beautiful and nutritious vegetables before the growing seasons have passed.  Before you consume, photograph your find.  Upload these curvaceous ripe images to JPG and post the link below in the comment area.  While your at it forage through all the amazing fresh JPG produce images and start a collection, which you can share by posting the link below!

Can't wait to see your unearthed treasures!

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