Photo Challenge: Rural Living

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 4 Aug 2013

Away from the busy and noisy city limits.  Farms, single room school houses and land that stretches out for miles, this is what rural life is about.

Rodeo truck by Brent Flint

Wrong Turn, Alabama by Denise Regan

quiet morning by noor eva

Rural heritage by Helena Gornerova

Gettysburg Battlefield Farm by Linda Heath

Truck in Bodie, CA by Eric Torleiv

Farmhouse off the 101 by Christina Storozkova

Untitled by Jarno Antila

Evening in South Dakota by CELINE RUFFINO

Symetry by Ewa D. 

Farm life by Nestor Correa


campagna estense e colli euganei... by Elyseo

Breakfast at dawn by Joelle Crosby

Tea Livin by nema' etebar

Newborn (AppenaNato) by MindTheStep

The Team by Rebecca Raber

Sunset Chasing by Lucas

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