What is all the Fuss About!?!

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 11 Aug 2013

Do you feel tired, over-worked and stressed?  Are things a bit over-exaggerated at times?  Maybe not everyone feels this way, but studies show that if you are among the American population, there is a good chance that you are feeling a little overwhelmed.  Gridlock, alone, could cause rage, but, the economy, the housing market, cost of living and finding a job (this being just the tip of the iceberg) could be what is increasing America's collective blood pressure. The American dream, the land of opportunity, does it still exist?  If so, is it still worth fighting tooth and nail for? 

Angry Rider by Preben Hunstad

Herman the man by Adam Scott

Mental Illness by Sara

Mas E Mas: Michelle 2 by Ricky Jimenez Carrasco

Beyond the limits by Christine Lebrasseur

Anger by irfan intekhab

Kabuki by Kat Bret

Madness. by Jessica Bustamante

Yelling by francesco scipioni

Grrrr... hope you're not feeling too stressed now.  Get outside and kick a rock around if you are.  Take some pictures while you're at it.  Show us your take on over-the-top exaggerated situations and feelings.  Upload to the site and post a link in the comment area below.  If you're up to it, take a look at the many stressed-out shots submitted by our very own JPGer's.  Our community has many great shots of overly tired, angry, sad, or happy individuals.  Take a bunch of these shots and you know what you'll have?  An awesome over-exaggerated collection that you can share with the community by pasting the link below in the comment area.

We can't wait to see what emotions you show us!

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