Posted by Shayla Simmons — 25 Sep 2013

Flying, slithering, hopping, walking, crawling... These are but a few of the ways "we" get around this beautiful home we call earth.  Besides humans, this world is shared with an amazing array of beautiful and interesting creatures.  In order to maintain our biodiversity, we need to be responsible for these fantastical beings and try and keep our planet hospitable to all of its amazing creatures, great and small.  Keeping the earth healthy is also a truly amazing gift to give to our children and their children to come. 

Here are some amazing images of JPG'ers co-habitating with their 'friends'.

Touch by Haryo Kusumo

Beloved Siren Song by SEAN HUSVAR

talk by Jessica Tremp

Together by Jade Turnbull

People With Cats - Jess, Human; Door, Cat by J. Astra Brinkmann

Snake Woman by Chandra Sugiharto

Le temps de L'amour by Elisa Margarita

Lacheln + Pantsy by David Miller

Ms. Chalah and I by Andrea Tipple

making friends by james lloyd

spring chick with winter hands by Jennifer MacNeill

Spider by Benoit Courti

Great and small, we love them all!

There are so many ways that the many life forms we coexist with help maintain our healthy environment, not to mention some that help us lead healthier happier lives ourselves!

There are many great informational sites available to educate the public on recycling and what we call can do to keep the planet healthy.  If you would check out a compelling video on "trash island" there is a  video called "Midway, a message from Gyre" the film is by Chris Jordan  and is about the Albatross Chick population at Midway Atoll that is enough to break anyone's heart. 

If you have images with a fellow inhabitant of our fine home, please upload and share!  If you have seen more amazing images around JPG please start a collection, and share the link below in the comment section!

Can't wait to see what slithers, hops or crawls in your images of human to creature contact!

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