Accepting Self

Posted by Shayla Simmons — 8 Jan 2014

Along with the New Year come resolutions. Many New Year resolutions revolve around changing one's self for the better. Getting into a fitness program to rid excess weight, quitting drinking or smoking, trying to become a more organized individual... These are among the top of many New Year resolution lists. While a list can be motivating at the start of the year, it can also be a let down if the lofty goal is not reached. It helps to remember that change happens over time... but in the meantime take the time to embrace yourself, and love the skin you're in. Sometimes self acceptance is all one needs to regain control of their life and then march on and complete their goal(s).

Here are some great JPG examples of giving yourself a hug.....literally.

Self Portrait by Sphinx Carnival

Lost. by Lan Quach

Monika a krivky by Jozef Danyi

Katharine (10.03.09) by John Sigler

walk over u #3 by Cristina Cocullo

tonights roses by Jillian Xenia

cold by Andrew Bulatowicz

This is a great time to stop and embrace yourself for all your achievements and, well, just for being who you are!  While you are embracing yourself, why not capture it and upload it to JPG to share!  If you happen to be a little too shy for such public displays of affection (wink, wink) no worries, you can find self acceptance anywhere!  There are many more self acceptance images throughout JPG.  Take a tour, make a collection of your favorites and post the link below to share!

Give yourself some love!

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