Art & Still Life

A photo collection assembled by Ann Reece

Still life photos, photoshop art and graffiti art, plus art done by people, only if it is their art and not something copied, are what I want in this collection.

Rain Graffiti on the Wall

by Andrea Petersen

The EYES Have It!

by Donald Garrett

Regenia and Mona

by Donald Garrett

a walk in the park

by JanElle

Experiment: Duo Tones

by Cheryl Andrews

Artistic graffiti ... an owl clock?

by Ann Reece

Prehistoric art work in the dinosaur exhibit #1

by Ann Reece

Sunset !

by elfriede fulda

Kayaks, Bayside, Maine

by Raymond Fausel

The Grapes of Wrath

by Leslie Hunziker

'Her Canvas Was Old Brick'

by Lynn E. Harvey

Camden, Maine

by Raymond Fausel