I Love You!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, romance is in the air.

Show us the one(s) you love or images that invoke the spirit of Valentine's Day and take a shot at the prizes!

For this contest, a special partner is sponsoring additional prizes:

This contest will have five (5) prize winners. All five winners will receive, in addition to their specified portion of the cash prize, an 18"x24" Large Format Poster Print of their entry (either semi-gloss or high-gloss) from Uprinting.com, a leading socially responsible online printing company.

The listed cash prizes are just the starting cash prizes and will increase with entries! So tell your friends, family, neighbors and, (especially given the contest theme), your loved ones to get their entries in, too!

For more information on the posters and print prizes, check out: Uprinting.com's poster-printing page.

Happy Shooting~!

This contest is closed

1st Place: (w/ poster print): $20.00, 2nd Place: (w/ poster print): $10.00, 3rd Place: (w/ poster print): $5.00, 4th Place: (w/ poster print): $5.00, 5th Place: (w/ poster print): $5.00

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1st Place: (w/ poster print)

Itty, Bitty, Pretty One by Margaret Homer

2nd Place: (w/ poster print)

It Must Be Love, Love, Love ... by Peter Kurdulija

4th Place: (w/ poster print)

Wild Caress by Michele Hancock

5th Place: (w/ poster print)

Vegas Kiss by Rolando Gomez