Smoke and Mirrors

While the term 'smoke and mirrors' is often used as a metaphor for a deceptive explanation or description and originates from magicians' illusions, where magicians make objects appear or disappear by extending or retracting mirrors amid a confusing burst of smoke, the use of smoke and mirrors in photography often set the mood or tone of a shot.

Smoke can partially obscure a subject or shroud an object in mystery or suspense, while a mirror (or any reflective surface, really) can turn an ordinary shot into an extraordinary capture.

To win this contest, show us use of smoke, mirrors, reflectives or other shrouding techniques to really punctuate a frame.

Sure... you could submit an image of someone smoking or a fire... Maybe a shot of a beautiful woman applying make-up in a mirror. Maybe a reflection of a smoking building in the sunglass lenses of a firefighter...

A few more ideas...

Blurred Silence by Cindy Griff

Mirror Mirror by Richard Gough

Smoking Man by Kristina Krause

mirror,mirror by dope

We can't wait to see how you approach this contest.

One winner... Prize starts at $50 and will grow with entries!

As always, the prize will grow with submissions and you can enter images shot by other members (and get a chance to win 15% of the prize, if that image wins - while the original photographer will win 85%)... so get surfing through 2.3 million images for great 'smoke and mirrors' shots!

Happy shooting~!

This contest is closed

Winner: $190.00

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Farm Pond Barn by Don Brogan