A Window Of Opportunity

Is photography the window to your soul?

We all live in houses with windows, drive cars with windows, work in an office with windows. We hope.

Have you ever caught yourself gazing out those windows, admiring the sun filled sky, wishing the work day was over, wondering what life will challenge you with next?

Looking Out by Sarah Prince

Maybe you've found yourself on vacation admiring a gorgeous set of windows framed with colorful wooden shutters or gawked in amazement at a building perfectly accented with a symmetrical set of windows.

This is the perfect window of opportunity to submit your best 'window' photography!

Enter as many photos as you want that feature a window somewhere anywhere in the photo for a chance at achieving the prize pot.

Perhaps the victors of this photo Shoot Out will able to take their prize winnings window shopping!!

We look forward to all your great window submissions!

Tag your photos for others to notice!

If you tag your photo on Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, or Google+, tag with #JPGAWINDOWOFOPPORTUNITY and link back to this contest page to help your followers understand what you're up to and maybe they'll want to contribute a photo too!

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This contest is closed

Winner: $670.00

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Translucent by Mark Schneiders