Hands On

Water Clap by Jennah Gangelhoff

We use our hands to gesture expressions such as hello and goodbye. They can often times be the subject of interpretation and misinterpretation. In photography, hands can be the main feature of a photo or be included to help prop up the main subject. Two people holding hands stimulates a loving emotion; a fist is a sign of anger; whereas a pointing finger shouts "hey you!"

Hands could be considered the basic tools of life with ability to allow us to type, text, write, draw, and grasp objects of various sizes. Our hands also offer us the ability to form new language such as sign language and the ability to read Braille. Imagine if you lost the ability to use your hands.


Let's give a 'hand' to Jill-e-Designs! In addition to the winnings for this contest, the photographer with the winning photo will NOW get their hands on their choice of one of these fully functional, incredibly unique photography 'hand' bags!

Jill-e Laptop Backpack & Backpack Camera Insert Small Red Leather Camera Bag Jack Rolling Satchel

1. Backpack Bundled with Camera Insert. View the Jack version. View the Jill version

2. Jill-e Small Leather Camera bag available in red, bone and black

3. Jack DSLR bag

4. Jack Rolling Satchel

5. Jack Small Messenger

Jill-e-Designs understands the power of style and fashion! They know how to capture a first impression with function and fashion in every one of their bags. Their bags are Fully functional on the inside with extraordinary fashion on the outside while delivering professional-grade quality.

Post your photo featuring a HAND... or two!

This contest is closed

1st: $530.00, 2nd: $265.00, 3rd: $265.00

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