Numbers and Letters

Numbers by Ricardo W

We live in a world surrounded by text and numbers. In fact numbers and letters consume almost every aspect of our life. We begin as infants (possibly even younger) learning our ABC's and to count to 10. There likely isn't a moment that goes by or a decision that is made without consulting the numbers or communicating via reading or writing.

Submit your best shot featuring a letter or a number. Enter as many photos as you want that feature multiple words or single letters; a single digit or a series of numbers for a chance at achieving the grand prize. The more entries the GREATER the winning prize.

For this contest, a special partner is sponsoring additional prizes:


This contest will have three (3) prize winners!

All three winners will receive, in ADDITION to their specified portion of the cash prize, a free acrylic panel of the winning shot from! And if that isn't bad-ass enough, can I say that? the awesome folks at want to give each of the three winners an  invitation to the PrintedArt Collection!  In addition - ALL participants will receive a 20%-off coupon for the purchase of a float-on-the-wall acrylic display or a canvas stretch frame print ~ Whoohoo!!

We look forward to all your submissions ~ Happy Shooting!


* 20%-Off coupon code from will be disbursed via email from

This contest is closed

1st place: (w/ Acrylic Panel): $45.00, 2nd place: (w/ Acrylic Panel): $45.00, 3rd place: (w/ Acrylic Panel): $45.00

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