Scenes of Summer

Summer is bright with flowers and fun, vacations and gatherings, barbecues and backyard parties. WIth the surge of activity that the season brings, the opportunities to grab amazing images abound.

This JPG Shoot Out will be a sprint. This one's going to go quickly. Submissions will close much faster than other Shoot Out contests and voting will also be shorter, so don't delay!

One winner will take the prize. The pot starts at $50 and will go up based on submissions. Let's see if we can get this prize growing! SPREAD THE WORD!

Remember, you can enter as many times as you want!

The more entries in this photo contest, the higher the pot can move!

The contest can be switched from 'open for submissions' to 'open for voting' at any time, so move fast! Bring your friends! Build the pot!

This contest is closed

1st: $50.00

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The Lifeguard by MARK ROBBINS