JPG Shoot Out Contest Winners

Congratulations to all these JPG Shoot Out winners!

Winners In: Structural Art

Inspired by Tron

by Yaopey Yong

Winners In: Fashion and Style
Winners In: Portrait and Lighting

Silent Beauty

by Lenae King

Winners In: Coffee Art
Winners In: Macros
Winners In: A Dog's World

I’m having a ball.

by Alex Preiss

Winners In: Wild Colors

Wild girl loves rainbow

by Magda Hutchins

Winners In: History

Eastern State Penitentiary

by Nicole Laird

Winners In: Love

Loving Unconditionally

by angella veve

Winners In: Opportunity

Astronomy Graduation

by Ilya Beskin

Winners In: Panorama

Manhattan Pano

by Adam Teixeira

Winners In: Reflections

"Timeless Piece" Cynthia Ericson Photography

by Cynthia Ericson