Login Sessions Cleared

Posted by Troy Hickok — 3 Aug 2014

Hello All,

That means next time you access the site you'll have to login again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

We had a few members who were concerned that their accounts may have been accessed by someone else. To be on the safe side, we cleared all user sessions forcing all accounts to be logged out.

Please remember; if you use a shared computer such as one at a school or a library, you should always logout when done.

Emergency Maintenance Completed

Posted by Troy Hickok — 19 Jun 2014

We will undergo an emergency maintenance at midnight tonight, June 20, 2014 at 12:00 AM PDT. We will be replacing a failed hard drive on one of our RAID arrays. During this time uploads will be disabled as a safety precaution. The maintenance is scheduled to last up to one hour.

12:02 AM PDT - This maintenance is now underway.

12:45 AM PDT - Drive has been replace and uploads are enabled again. Note you may see some degraded performance on uploads over the next several hours as the drive contents are rebuilt.

New Site Activity Email

Posted by Troy Hickok — 20 Feb 2013

Early Thursday morning we will be rolling out a new site activity email. This will replace and enhance the Recent Blog Posts email. The recent blog activity will still be included and we've added sections for recent user contributed photo links and stories.

If you are opted in to the Recent Blog Posts email, look for this new version in your email on Thursday's now instead.


EXIF Enhancement!

Posted by Justin Case — 3 Jul 2012

As several of you have noticed, we have substantially expanded the EXIF display on photo detail pages.

Many users have asked if we could expand this functionality, as there is a lot to be learned from seeing an image and then the equipment, settings and flash used to capture the image.

...ask and ye shall receive...

When you go to photo detail pages, you'll now see the expanded data (IF the data accompanied the image when it was uploaded.


If the EXIF does not accompany the digital image (if it's been stripped in your editing/post process), that field will be blank. Otherwise, whatever we get and that we can decipher, we'll display. In some cases, the data will be missing, corrupt, partially corrupt or otherwise indecipherable. You might notice that some images have a date that they were taken (with a digital camera) that dates back to ... say... 1969. Obviously, that's a little 'wonky' (technical term, we understand). The reason is that the field comes back with a default value that sneaks past our validations.

We will, of course, be working on improving and tweaking this to make sure that we catch most of the 'wonkiness'.

Another change you might notice is that we've combined display of the Categories and Tags. They are now in the same display area, under the EXIF display.

Thumbnail image for cat-tags.png
When users add categories or tags to their images, they will appear in this area. If no Categories or Tags are added by the user, these areas will be blank.
Thumbnail image for cat-tags-1.png
We do encourage and appreciate when users add those little 'helpers', as it also helps us continue to enhance and evolve our search capabilities, which are very important as we're on our way, quickly, to 2.5 million amazing images!

cat-tags-2.pngIf you want to enable other users to add tags to your images, you can also do that (that's enabled in the image preferences for the image and can be changed at any time).

We hope you'll love the new changes.  Lots more on the way, so stay tuned!

As always, we love your feedback and suggestions, so keep 'em coming!

Happy 4th to y'all!

More Collection Goodness

Posted by Troy Hickok — 11 Jun 2012

Just installed a few more collection goodies.


We thought there could be a few more little bits that might make the collections feature more useful and fun.

Collections are a great way to wander through the site, looking for the best and keeping them handy for the future... have fun exploring!

Photo Collection Count

The number of collections a photo is contained in is now shown on the photo display page as well as in your profile in large thumbnail view. Clicking on the count will show you all of the public collections that the photo is in. The count is displayed up under the title of the photo as shown here:


Set Collection Thumbnail

When you add the first photo to a collection it automatically becomes the thumbnail for the collection. Once you've added additional photos to the collection you can now set which photo in the collection is used as the thumbnail image.

To change the thumbnail image, login and view the contents of your collection. Roll over the image you want to use as the thumbnail and then click the set thumbnail icon in the bar at the bottom of the image. See the circled area below.


Just a few little 'knits' to make collections more fun and useful.  Already, users are finding great ways to use collections to group their own photos and images of others.  What can you do with collections?

Can't wait to find out!

New Feature ~ COLLECTIONS!

Posted by Justin Case — 3 Jun 2012

Once again, JPG'rs - we're reaching out to let you know about a few new toys...!  We've been busily working on some 'plumbing' and 'foundation' around the site and, while you might not see or notice a lot of the details, the fruits of that 'behind-the-scenes' effort are starting to show.

Late on June 1st (or early on the 2nd, depending on where you are), we opened up a new function for our JPGpluskie.gif users... COLLECTIONS!

Kind of like our 'favorites' function, 'collections' lets you add images to lists. The cool thing about collections, though, is that you can have any number of collections that group images together.  So... let's say you want to build a collection of great landscapes. You might have a collection called 'landscapes' to which you'd add all the great landscape images you come across on the site that inspire you or that you just want to come back to.  Maybe you want a collection called 'portraiture' or 'buildings' (and we're sure you can guess what might go into each of those!).

Another great aspect of collections is that they can be either PUBLIC or PRIVATE. If you want to share your collections with other users, simply mark each one as 'public'. If you've got one you'd prefer to keep to yourself (maybe it's a collection of images for inspiration on a story you want to post on JPG and you don't want anyone to know what you'll be writing about or you just don't want anyone to see the collection until its just right)... just mark it 'private' and only you will be able to see it (when you're logged in, of course!).

Along with this addition, we've moved and enlarged the FavoriteHeart.gif icon for adding to your favorites list. Both favorite and add to collection are now icons above each image throughout the site, next to the Spotlight This and Enter Shoot Out buttons as shown below.


There are a couple ways you can create collections.

First, if you're signed-in to the site and you're viewing a photo, you can click on the AddToCollection.gif icon above the image. That will bring up a window that will allow you to either i) create a collection to add the image to; or ii) if you already have a collection that you're ready to add to ... to add it to that collection.  Here, you can also (when creating a new collection) determine whether the collection will be private (visible to only you), or  public (visible to anyone in the community viewing your collections).

Next, if you go to your profile page, you'll notice a new tab.  Next to Photos and Stories, you now have Collections as shown here:


There is a NewCollection.gif icon on the Collections tab. If you click on that NewCollection.gif icon, you can create a new collection right there.

You can easily jump to this area on your profile page with 1-click, if you use the 'drop-down' on the navigation bar (at the top of the page) under "PROFILE" and choose "My Collections".

By the way, did you all notice that the nav-bar is now fixed, site-wide?  As you scroll down on any page, the nav bar comes with you, so you've always got quick/easy access to it as you browse!  Just a small change, but one I've already found to be crazy-useful.

From the Collections tab on your profile page, you can also administer your collections. You can create/delete collections. You can edit titles and descriptions. You can click into any collection and remove individual images. You can make the collection 'private' or 'public', as well.

Now, a few 'housekeeping notes'.

1) If you're collecting images that have been flagged 'not-safe'for-work (NSFW), those images, to any user that has their safe-filter correctly set, will appear with the grey NSFW graphic overlay. If that filtered image is the thumbnail for the collection, your collection may have that overlay. That's why a good, descriptive, title will be useful.

2) If you've got a collection and one of the images in the collection is deleted by the user that uploaded the image, it will be removed from your collection.  If the image is hidden by the user, it will still have a 'placeholder' in your collection, but it will indicate that the image was hidden.  That way, if the user un-hides the image, poof!  it will be back in your collection.

We're sure you will come up with uses for collections that we've not even considered yet, but... We're working on some other changes that may very well make collections very useful to you, even beyond what we've touched on above. So get busy. Check it out. See what you can do with it and let us know if you have any thoughts on how we can improve this feature or other areas around the site.

On a final note, as we mentioned a couple months back, we're working on some other big changes.  Over the next couple weeks, we'll release some other updates that may be larger changes.  This is the first in a wave of upgrades that will make the site more useful to you than ever and provide a better overall experience.  We can't wait to share these changes with you and hope you'll love them.

In the meantime, happy shooting ~ and sharing!

New Photo Toolbar and Hide Photo Feature

Posted by Troy Hickok — 9 Mar 2012

New Stuff - WooHoo!


We've added a photo toolbar under your photos when you view your own photos. The new toolbar shows in the large thumbnail view when you're in your profile and under the photo on the photo detail page. All photo manipulation has been moved into this toolbar to make it easier to find.

You'll now find "edit" in this new toolbar with a sub-menu for setting the photo properties and, for JPG+ members, the basic and advanced editors. Delete has been moved to the toolbar as well so you no longer have to edit a photo to find delete.

JPG+ members can also access the download function from the toolbar as well as the new hide feature.

If you're wondering what the "+" is for... well, it doesn't do anything yet.  But we got some more stuff in store. We'll be doing some cool new stuff on this bar (and beyond) that you'll want to keep your eye on in the coming weeks.  We can't tell you all about it yet or, well, we'd have to... you know...dispatch you to a frozen tundra somewhere north of Minsk.

New stuff part deux... Double WooHoo!


JPG+ members have a new feature that allows you to hide photos from view, essentially making a photo private until you decide to unhide it making it visible to others again. This feature is available in the new photo toolbar (see the above), look for the hide/unhide icon (like so):


When a photo is hidden, it will show up under your "Hidden" tab when you view your own profile page. Other users do not see this tab. Hidden photos are removed from all other views. This includes your profile, the photos page, all themes, challenges and contests, etc. (so make sure that you don't hide an image that is entered in a theme, challenge or contest that you want to remain in that theme, challenge or contest). Also you will be the only one able to view the photo detail page by clicking through on one of your hidden photos in the hidden tab.

This feature allows you to remove photos from view that you don't want shown but you don't want to delete either. While the image is hidden, all information about votes, views, likes, etc. is kept intact, so... should you decide to unhide the photo again it will be restored to view with the same counts as it had prior to being hidden.

Now... "why", might you ask, would one want to hide their photo?  Well, maybe you want to upload some images to JPG for safekeeping (but you don't want them viewed, commented, liked, etc.). Maybe you want those images accessible to you while you're traveling out of the country so you can show your rich uncle Steve, who you're hoping will sponsor your 'round the world photo documentary project on the fruit fly.  There's lots of reasons why a person would/could/should use it... some we're sure we've not even thought of yet, so as you think of those reasons...make sure you USE IT!


Hotness fix

Posted by Troy Hickok — 3 Feb 2012

Hi all,

Well that was an ugly one, but the issue with no hot photos showing up for new challenges has been fixed. Long story short, some undocumented compatibility problems with the new version of our database software.

We have also recalculated the hot photos for any challenges/themes since the issue first occurred. So all challenges since "Red" have been updated now with the list of hot photos.

New Year's Resolutions!

Posted by Justin Case — 10 Jan 2012

As you may have noted, over the Christmas/New-Year holiday week, we made a big move and upgrade on our servers and systems. Along with this change, we launched a few new features around the site.

As is often the case, with big change, comes a few headaches. Our weekly email newsletter and blog digest have been suspended while we build a new and more scalable and stable system for those email distributions. Additionally, mobile email uploads have been 'broken' while we enhance some elements there that were affected by our upgrade. Several users have also pointed out a few other elements that didn't fare so well in the upgrade.

In addition to a few broken items mentioned above that needed our TLC, we're re-working some of our photo storage and organization so that we can unveil a few things in the new year...

Which brings us to our "New Year's Resolutions"!

As we've evaluated JPG and its direction after we made the difficult decision to discontinue the print magazine, we have spent considerable time and attention focused on the community and what we can do to improve the interactions, tools, utility and overall look/feel and continue to make JPG the best place for our community to share, discover, discuss and more.

So... what does all this mean?

Well, after a few of the remaining bugs are worked out, we're going to be completing some of the elements of our upgrade that will allow us to do more (lots more). We're adding core functionality that will allow you to better organize and manage your images, take advantage more easily of themes, challenges and contests and more easily interact with users and great images around the site. You'll be able to feature your images, have the opportunity to earn revenue and more.

At the same time, we'll be simplifying a lot. Navigation and options will be streamlined and .... (drumroll...) we'll be introducing a new and enhanced interface that will truly celebrate your amazing work.

As you can imagine, we've got lots to do... There will be some noise and some dust. There may be some banging and screaming. Despite all that, we're excited to share our new plans for JPG with you and hope you'll love all the great stuff we're working on!

Happy New Year!

Site Upgrade and a New Feature For the Holidays

Posted by Justin Case — 25 Dec 2011

Welp we have new and improved (upgraded) speed-enhancing, service-improving technical stuffity (basically, like adding more hamsters under the hood) as a holiday gift. Most things should be working correctly but as always there were a few glitches (grumble, grumble) that cause some serious lack of sleep.

We'll have to iron out these issues over the coming days. Currently there is an issue with the photo editor, its refusing to load the original photo. The other issue is the email upload if you use that for mobile photo uploads. The photos are currently not getting uploaded.

Now for the new feature... you'll notice a new box on the the photo page with all the photos counts along with new like/dislike buttons. This is the first cut at this feature so give us some feedback on it.

A few things to note. You can optionally give a prop when you like a photo which gets entered into the comments. If you want to dislike a photo we are currently requiring you to leave a comment in an effort to prevent drive-by dislikes. The comments left show up as regular comments and you can of course remove them or block the commenter if necessary.

Lastly if you want to reverse your like or dislike back to neutral, just click the button again to remove the like or dislike.

Happy holidays & Enjoy!

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