Tags! Search! CDN! And more!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 6 Aug 2009

Yup. You betchya. You are now able to tag all your photos (right hand side, below your photo), up to 10 tags per photo, which become a sort of meta data, or folksonomy, for increasing the relevance of your photos for entered search terms.

The search engine, built on Xapian, is far, FAR more advanced than our last little ditty. It has things like word stemming (beach to beaches), spelling corrections, and boolean terms like AND, ADJ, OR, NEAR and NOT. Not only that, but it's lightning fast and scales incredibly well.

Here's a few of my favorite search results thus far:

Another bit on the fastiness front is the CDN. We've moved all of the photos on JPG into a "Content Delivery Network" which basically serves images from locations nearest you improving load times by reducing the distance the image has to travel.

Spotlight others! What?!? If you have credits to spare and you want to give your friends the gift of exposure, now you can! Just click "Spotlight this!" and we'll deduct one of your credits and add their photo to spotlight. Nifty huh?

Issue previews! Bri put in some late night hours giving the issue previews a much needed facelift. Anyone familiar with the issues section would have noticed a few inconsistencies in how the previews were displayed. Consolidating our issues into a single and very, very perty issue browser also enabled us to move all of our assets into a single shared location, our CDN.

Oh yeah, looky here! A development blog. We'll be posting site changes here from now on.. In order to keep the geeky stuff away from all the perty pictures.

That's it for now! More info soon!

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