PayPal IPN "Grrrr"

Posted by Devin Hayes — 14 Oct 2009

Um, Hello!

Anyone attempting to purchase Spotlight credits or JPG+ over the last 8 hours (3am - 11am PST) would have noticed that they hadn't received their awesomeness in a timely manner. This would be due to PayPal making an unannounced API change in the IPN validation. Since all failures are sent to Troy and myself, we were able to add the transactions manually and patch the code to the new specifications.

All is well. BUT! If for some reason your purchase wasn't acknowledged or fully processed (e.g. missing credits on your JPG+ purchase) please contact support and we'll get you squared away. Yes, I have logs and transactions records, so I'll know if you're right and I'm wrong and vice versa. Just sayin'. :)

Thanks to you! Cool folk at JPG.

No thanks to you! PayPal yucko stinky jerks.

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