Free Spotlight credits!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 31 Dec 2009

Feliz nuevo ano!

Free Spotlight Credits!
To ring in the new year, we'll be adding 10 (2010, get it? meh.) spotlight credits to everyone's account who has been active in the last month! Active meaning: you've uploaded, commented, added a favorite.. you know, did something AWESOME.

AND .. All new signups will receive 2 free credits to help them draw some JPG lovin'.

Other Stuff!
Fixed an issue download bug relating to 17 and 18 (I believe), fixed bugs with the Safe Filter on small thumbnail views and submitted images on the profile pages, fixed the right-click download protection on images, added the share icons and the ability to share stories on social networks (They LOVE being clicked), added a text filter to remove the grand daddies of yucky words. AND! Some other stuff I can't tell you about yet, because it's either broken or not quite ripe.

My party hat is on. Have the most excellent New Year. Bring back pictures.

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