Gift subscriptions! Navigation!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 21 Dec 2009


Two new "visible" doodads to report: Gift Subscriptions! Better navigation!

Gift Subscriptions:
If a member is not a subscriber to the magazine, there is a link on their profile page, just below their bio, that you can use to buy them a subscription. You and the recipient will both be notified of your gift. Just in time for Christmas (barely)!

Better Navigation:
By now, I'm sure you may have noticed some changes to the top part of We've grown substantially over the last 3 years and continue to grow by the minute. As part of that growth, new features were added and "deeper" navigation became very necessary to improve site experience. I've provided some screenshots below to assist with any learning curve that may have incurred.

I realize the navigation may take a little adjustment for the battle hardened, super users who have learned to hit their marks while juggling chainsaws blindfolded. But! One thing to notice is that the main links; Photos, Stories, People, Themes and Magazine all still function the same as they used to. Clicking the arrow to the right of those items will help you dig deeper into those sections. We did, however, move the upload, write and profile links from the top into their relative sections of navigation. The point here was to minimize the amount of space dedicated to the header, bring photos and content higher up into view and provide deeper navigation into various parts of the site.

The "Upload Photo" link has moved into the "Photos" sub-navigation. Click the arrow to the right of "Photos" and there you have it:


"Write a Story", similarly to "Upload", has been moved to the "Stories" sub-navigation. Click the arrow to the right of "Stories" and viola!


Yeah! But what about my stuff? On the far right of the new header your new messages can be seen and the arrow to the right of "You" will display links to activity, messages, edit profile and logout. Clicking on "You" will take you to your profile.


One last little smidgen of a ditty is the addition, or re-introduction actually, of the social network sharing icons at the bottom right of photos. We're all here to share and promote ours and each others work, hopefully this addition makes that a little easier to do. Click them, click them a lot :)

That's it for now. Stay tuned, more to come.

Happy browsing! And Holidays :)

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