JPG+ Stuff and Mo'!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 22 Dec 2009

Hi, It's me again.

On the tail of Gift Subscriptions we've also made it possible to buy your friends JPG+ Memberships! Unlike the usual JPG+ membership, there is no recurring fee, no one will be billed at the end of the membership term.

What else? Caving in to popular demand, we've DOUBLED the amount of photos permitted per day to JPG+ Members.

Added the ability to view smaller photo thumbnails from people's profile pages (less scrolling, less paging), minor navigation additions and changes: I added a link to upload from your profile, an upload link to the "You" menu, some graceful degradation to the menu for javascript disabled browser, fixed the header on error pages, added an Easter Egg, fixed some other boring stuff, fed my dog, played some iShoot Lite and day dreamed about a never-ending burrito.

Happy Holidays all!

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