Mo' tagging and such!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 19 Jan 2010


You asked for it, we had to bring it! First, there's a new Settings section in your account area (edit profile), where you can modify your preferences for the Safe Viewing Filter, Opt out of 3rd Party Promos and allow people to tag your photos! Or not!

It's up to you. You can allow everyone to tag them (logged in users anyway), just your friends or just yourself! By default, only you can tag your photos. You must change your settings to enable other users to tag your photos.

If you decide to let your friends and others tag your photos, you will receive email notifications of "who-doned-what" as part of the regular activity digest emails sent twice a day.

And of course: bugs, bugs, bugs, some minor improvements, background stuff, BBQ'd, in the rain. Important. Stuff.

Until next time.. YOU'RE IT!

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