Profile picture (avatar) bug. Fixed.

Posted by Devin Hayes — 28 Jan 2010

You know those bugs I'm always blabbing on about?

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a double edged sword. One one side, it caches images across a network of computers serving content from whichever server is closest to you (for super-mega-fastiness). On the other side, it might actually end up serving content that's long gone or has been replaced.

So, what happens is you might end up deleting your profile picture (avatar), replace it with another and still see the OLD picture. Weird. It's like it's broken, but it's not. A short time later (umm.. 24 hours later), your old picture will actually find it's way into the ether being replaced by the newly uploaded picture.

I'm working on the fix, but also have some other things that need to be tested before I can shove it all out there.. I just wanted to let you all know: I'm aware of it, i'm working on it and I ate too much pudding at lunch.

I will be back shortly with more words. [Edit: Fixed.]

Until then:


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