Related photos! O'Rly?!?

Posted by Devin Hayes — 11 Jan 2010


What does that mean exactly?
It means one or five of more than five things. First, any link to a JPG photo you post in a "link" type comment will now show up as a scrolling carousel, as seen here on Mr. Trout's photo of a comfortably deceased tele. Of course, it looks a lot cooler when there are more than one thumbnail to display. HINT! HINT!

Why for dost though carouselicize me's comments?
For one thing, images are much more attractive than words. A text link to an image has a smaller likelyhood of being clicked compared to a thumbnail preview.
Another thing is that we were seeing a lot of people adding links to photos that were very similar or taken in the same place or town and thought it would be interesting to "group" them into their own sort of "theme".
Which brings me to thing 3! We've had numerous themes inspired from within the community before. This here doohickey will help you create your own themes (search Empty Spaces) or call for similar photos, maybe cast your votes as "prop" comments on their photos, etc.

Bah! We find holes and fill 'em the best we can. I imagine you good folk of JPGville will astonish us with your creative uses as you've always done. And we're all looking forward seeing what you can do with it.

What else? Boring stuff that I won't bore you with. Bug fixes, and, a, umm, bug fix and this thing that was a bug-fix and then there was this b-u-g-f-i-x. Boring.


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