Lower the gate!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 5 Feb 2010

Happy Friday!

Lowered resolution requirements:
It's true. Very true. Up until today, we required that all photos be at least 2200 pixels wide or tall and there was good reason for that. It's the absolute minimum requirement for photos to look their best in print. It still is! BUT! It also limits who can upload what. Too many times I've heard, "I've got some great [insert artsy technique here] photos, but they're too small to share on JPG." OR "I have a ton of great photos from [insert travel destination here], but I took them with my handy-dandy small point and shoot travel camera and they're too small to share." Well, that's the last we'll hear of that. We, of course, still want your absolute best, but if it happens to be less than 2200 pixels wide or tall, we want to see it. We want others to see it. We can't print it, but that shouldn't stop you from sharing it. Agreed?

The new requirement is 1,000 pixels wide or tall with a minimum of 200 pixels on either side. This limitation is purely for web display purposes. Please, please remember: Bigger is Better.

Photos page redux:
Looky here. Now with the "whyfor": 1) Better Spotlight visibility. 2) Consistency with profile pages, home page, photo display pages, etc. 3) The right column now serves as a great place to feature more content (like editorial picks and such) 4) Square ads perform better. 5) It's part of a larger strategy to improve lateral navigation by surfacing more interesting images, people and stories.

Oh, and if you're still using the 8 year old browser Internet Explorer 6. You really ought to think about upgrading or switching to a better browser. The web looks and works much better when using a standards compliant browser. Google lead the charge and we're following suit in discontinuing support for IE6.

Who said BUGS?!
I did it. I broke it. And I'm sorry. If you had photos grouped in an essay, I'm sure you noticed that the photos in the story stopped displaying under a photo that belonged to the essay. Why? I'd say it's because I have fat fingers, but I'm sure they'd be offended and try to poke me in the eye next chance they get, but the reality is far more boring. So, I'll spare you.

Have a super duper weekend, walk on the grass, talk to strangers and feel free to send us your thoughts and ideas.

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