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Posted by Devin Hayes — 10 Mar 2010

Hello blog! Nice to see you again.

What's new?!?

Photo News:
Yeah! Wait. What is it? You know how you're browsing around the intarwebs and come across an unbeatable price on film or a really cool-butt article using digital textures? Yeah? Well, now you've got a great place to share those links, either by entering the URL directly or, better yet, use the Bookmarklet for easy-peasiness. Click, bang, it's shared and seen and rated, there's comments and an overwhelming feeling of joy knowing you've helped people find the coolest photo bag EVER! Cough!! Annnnddd if you're set up for activity email notifications, you'll receive notice of comments on your links which are also displayed in your activity stream. Oh yeah, you'll find the link in the Stories sub-navigation (Click the blue arrow right of Stories at top) and here too just in case it drowned in buffoonery.

There are ever more planned additions, but we thought there was at least enough built to twiddle with in the mean time. Please, please let us know if you think of other "nice-to-haves" or have any suggestions for more categories! Please and Thank you!

Back Issue Discounts:
Digital subscribers (I like to call 'em D-Subbers. It sounds more gangsta'.) now get $1 off the regular back issue price of $3!! Get 'em before they're gone!

Have fun! More soon.

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