Posted by Devin Hayes — 2 Apr 2010

Via con numero!

Thanks to friend, photographer and JPG extraordinaire Dominic. We now have the ability to track everything you ever wanted to know about the visitors to the content you create.

If you already have an Analytics account, you probably already know what to do. Once you create a new account or profile, jog on over to your JPG Settings and plug in your code.

If you don't have an analytics account, I added a few helpful hints and links to the Help Section.

Dominic and I have been testing this in the background for a few weeks and have found it very intriguing to see how many people view our work, what's popular, how long they stay, how often they come and where they came from. If you're interested in who is looking at your work and are looking to increase your exposure, this is going to help.

Happy tracking!

PS: Yes, more to come very soon.. you're going to want this running before the other stuff arrives :)

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