Mobile Photo Uploads!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 29 Apr 2010


I'm not just a programmer who sits around daydreaming about burritos and strong coffee all day long. I'm also a picture taking freak and a dedicated JPGer just like you.

Sometimes, I don't want to lug my TTV with me when I go to the market and inevitably, I see things to shoot. Luckily, technology has advanced past the stone tablet and rotary phones and I can use my new fangled handheld communication slash picture taking device to snap away until my heart's content. Now, instead of waiting until I get home to transfer it to my computer, then upload it via the web, I can send it straight to JPG!

Awesome. How do I?
Head on over to your email preferences, look for "Change your Email Upload address:" and click the text or the little swirly icon to generate your new mobile/email upload address. For security purposes, do *not* share that address. Next, you may want to set the other options: "Restrict Email Uploads to:" adds an extra bit of security in that it'll only accept uploads from your registered email address. The "Show your email uploads in your photostream?" option allows you to separate your mobile uploads from your, often higher quality, web uploads. People will still be able to view your mobile uploads via the sorting options just above your photos on your profile page.

Woooo! What else?!?
I also added a new item to the "Photos" sub-menu that will allow you to view all mobile photo uploads in one area. To top that, all mobile photo uploads from your contacts.

OMG! What else?!?!?!
If you have already enabled Facebook and/or Twitter to send your photo uploads to, they will automagically be posted to whichever services are enabled.

And JPG loves you. Please make sure to read the Mobile Uploads FAQ for answers to things like: How do I add tags to my mobile photos? How do I add my mobile photos to the Safe Filter? And, It no worky, what now?

How does this fit into JPG's overall "Mission"?
We are "Your World in Pictures", not just "Your World When-You're-Shooting-With-a-Fancy-Bulky-Camera in Pictures". It's about accessibility. If you don't have your fancy camera with you, we STILL want to see what you're seeing. We're crazy like that. You didn't hear it from me, but I heard this one dude say there's probably going to be a feature in the magazine dedicated to real time, mobile photos. Mmmm gossip, magazines, pictures. Delish.

Okay, I'm going to stop now before my keyboard wears out. Send us your questions and comments!

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