Safe for Work filter updates!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 12 May 2010

Dear you,

There were shortcomings to the way the "Safe Filter" was initially introduced and the accumulated feedback and input over the last few months has been extremely valuable in assessing changes and improvement.

First off, "Safe Filter" was not the best choice of words. Immediately, we noticed people adding their photos to the "Safe Filter" thinking that it somehow protected their photos. And those who it was originally designed for, skipped right over it. I went through a few options and decided it best to "re-brand" the filter "Safe for Work". I think everyone can wrap their head around what is considered safe or unsafe for workplace viewing. If not, there's a handy dandy rule of thumb in the FAQ.

Secondly and thirdly and etceterally: You are expected to extend the courtesy to other JPG Members by flagging your own photos as "Not Safe For Work" if they contain nudity and/or any subject matter that may not be suitable for children. It's not a declaration of morality or an imposition on art. It's about respecting others rights to a booby and butt free browsing experience. If we find that you are not flagging your photos, we will contact you and ask that you do so. But, please don't wait for that moment or we'll have to put your name on the chalkboard.

In regards to Spotlight, you can still add filtered photos to Spotlight. Filtered photos will not be displayed to those who opt not to see them. If you happen to see something in Spotlight that you believe should be filtered, please contact us and we will take appropriate measures.

Lastly! If a photo is filtered, the full image will no longer be displayed, if the filter is enabled or the viewer is not logged in, when clicking through the from smaller image. The reason being; to provide the ability to browse within a worksafe environment and prevent exposure of potentially questionable content to our younger viewers.

There are a few more additions coming in due time, but I do believe we made some steps in the right direction in providing viewers with options to control their browsing experience.

Good? Good!

Love in buckets,

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