Faux Paux and Feature

Posted by Devin Hayes — 23 Jun 2010

You are all "Members of the Week"!

Faux Paux
In yesterday's newsletter, we mistakenly featured a member who has not been active on the site for almost exactly a year (June 5th 2009 versus June 5th 2010). We apologize sincerely as it's our intention to feature those of you who are active in the community and contributing feedback and such to other members. The bitter irony here is that for a number of reasons, we had long ago decided to "outsource" these selections to you, the people of JPGVille.

Next week, assuming I can get all my ducks in a row, I will be pushing a few new features, but the one relevant to the above error is the ability to nominate and vote for Photos, Stories and Members of the Week. You will all have the ability to nominate 1 "item" per type (eg: 1 person for Member of the Week) but you will have the ability to vote on ALL of the nominees in each group. I'm a big fan of meritocracy and democracy. The ability to nominate someone I think is great or someone who has improved exponentially through limitless experimentation and allow others to cast their vote on the same merits sounds like a fun and useful combination. Never mind how good it would feel to be nominated by a jury of your peers for your contributions and growth.

All that said, it couldn't have come soon enough. We made a mistake. But instead of trying to undo it and short a "new" Member of the Week with only half the accolade (newsletter and home page exposure), we're going to let it ride out until the new features become available early next week.

We apologize sincerely for the oversight and we hope you're looking forward to the new feature as much as we are.

Until next week...

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