Go forth and nominate!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 28 Jun 2010

Let's call it, OfTheWeek!

As mentioned in a previous post, we decided some time ago to leave the "Of the Week" decisions up to you.

How does it work?
Well, if you already have a fellow JPGer in mind or know of just the right recently uploaded photo or read a story that struck a chord, locate them or it and nominate them using the box on the right hand side and then vote! It's that easy. Just to note: Everyone is eligible for "Member of the Week", all stories are also eligible, but photos are limited to photos posted within the last few weeks. We try to keep it fresh, but also don't want to limit the range of quality contributors or content too much.

There's still a rough edge or three which I hope to fix and and patch as soon as possible. As always, all feedback and suggestions are appreciated.


PS: Also added another view option on profiles. It enables you to view the medium sized photos on a blackened background. You can use your arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate back and forth or click the left and right side of the image.

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