More than just a JPG..

Posted by Devin Hayes — 5 Jun 2010


The JPG file format is the de facto awesome photo format for the web. Exif data, color profiles (sRGB being the best supported), small file size and it's fun to say (Jay-Peg).

Those facts are not going to a) stop people from attempting to use other formats b) automagically configure all handheld devices to use JPG format c) cure the fact that hundreds of images a month are lost to the ether, rejected and neglected. Well, not no mo.

I've enabled a few new file types: PNG and TIFF and 2 others that that are pretty sub-standard and not recommended: GIF and BMP. Why would I enable formats considered to be sub-standard? Good question! Some older devices are, well, old. They're not very common at all, but the added work to support it was next to nil, so, there.

Here's where I stress a point: The JPG format is the de facto format for rich images on the web for good reasons. PNG and TIFF are also great formats, but to combat inconsistencies with how they are displayed in all browsers, the images are converted to JPG format with the sRGB color space.

Blah, blah, blah! So, yeah, it's possible, but no, not recommended.


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